Who we are

Breede Valley APD was established in 1951 when Drs. Domisse and Wilson realised the need for after-care for Persons with disabilities in our area. Being Rotarians, they encouraged and guided the Rotary Annes to establish a Social Relief Committee in 1951, which at that stage formed part of Cape Cripple Care. Because of the expansion of their work, the name was changed to Worcester Cripple Care Association in 1953.

In 1983, Worcester Cripple Care Association underwent a change of name to the Association for the Physically Disabled (Worcester), and in 2003 became the Worcester Association for persons with Physical Disabilities. In 2005 a decision was made to change the name to the Breede Valley Association for Persons with Disabilities, along with a new logo and branding, which displays our progression from the medical model of assistance to the social model.

What we do

Breede Valley APD, in partnership with Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities, developed and implemented a transformation plan that include administrative systems and procedures in order to ensure good governance, cost effective, equitable, accessible and accountable service delivery and management of the organization. Over the past 12 years, our organization has shown tremendous growth and an extension of facilities and services to persons with disabilities in the areas of Worcester, Rawsonville, Sandhills, De Doorns and Touws River.

With the rapid pace in which services and programmes have expanded, we are in a constant process of securing funding to ensure the sustainability of these services and programmes. Funding for these services and programmes adhere to very strict governance. We are previledged to have volunteers on our management committee who are experts in their professions and provide the necessary support and guidance in this instance.

We are a registered non-profit organisation (003-114 NPO) with the Directorate for Non-Profit Organisations, is exempt from income tax and is able to provide a section 18A certificate for the purpose of donations tax (PBO 18/11/13/657). The organisation receives a nominal subsidy from the Department of Social Development, and while the subsidy certainly aids the organisation in the achievement of its objectives, it does not cover all the expenses related to the subsidized posts and social work service delivery expenses. Daily expenses need to be covered by the organization itself.

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