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Work & Employment

We believe that meaningful participation in vocational activities lead to the economic empowerment of persons with disabilities and enable them to achieve a maximum level of independence and integration into the community.

Therefore, the goal of the Work & Employment unit is to support persons with disabilities to

  • Develop their full work potential,
  • Enable them to enter the open labour market,
  • Become productive workers within a protective unit,
  • Develop their own entrepreneur unit,
  • Be a part of an activity group.


Protective workshop for persons with disabilities (Laundry)

Currently, 26 persons with disabilities are accommodated in the protective workshop where they do washing, drying and ironing of laundry for the public and on contract. Their inclusion in the protective workshop is seen as a training opportunity – preparing them for employment in the open labour market. New laundry employees receive skills training (ironing, working at the industrial roller, operating washing machines and dryers) from existing supervisors in the laundry. They also have access to life skills training and or discussions on relative topics. In December 2013, Felicia van Vuuren, an amputee, was appointed as the new Laundry Officer.

Despite various changes within the laundry management and difficult economic times, the Management System of the laundry was assessed in December 2013 against the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in respect of collecting, washing, drying and ironing of laundry of private individuals, guesthouses and corporate clients in the Breede Valley Region. No non-conformities were found and the laundry once again secured SABS certification.


Protective workshop for persons with disabilities (Recycling)


Currently there are 16 persons with various disabilities accommodated in the recycling unit. With many referrals from the Worcester Hospital Department of Psychiatry, the recycling unit has been providing much needed structure and skills training too many new clients. Business has been growing with a rapid pace and many more local businesses donate their recyclable products to the recycling unit. Available transport and the adequate processing and removal of waste from Breede Valley APD’s site have been the biggest challenges for this unit.