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Developmental Social Services

Persons with disabilities, especially from impoverished communities, need to cope with everyday struggles related to a lack of equity and equal rights.  The inequalities of modern day society as experienced by persons with disabilities  around the globe, are now even more evident as a result of Covid-19, severely impacting on the dignity and livelihood of persons with disabilities.

The challenge of addressing poverty and inequality through social work services lies beyond the level of the provision of handouts of basic assistance.  Breede Valley APD has to find creative ways in which to render developmental social services that are relevant to the personal needs experienced by persons with disabilities.

in 2019, the Breede Valley APD Developmental Social Service Model was designed to address these challenges in a creative but realistic way on community level to ensure positive change and results.

By focusing on person centered assessments and development – a way of helping people who want to make changes in their lives – and engaging and cooperating with our beneficiaries, stakeholders and partners, we render a range o f services to adults-, children- and families experiencing physical, intellectual and mental disabilities, blindness and deafness.

Partners for Life

In association with the Kinderfonds Mamas, the Partners for Life program provides training, guidance and support opportunities to the caregivers of children and youth with disabilities.  Through this partnership and skills development program, the caregivers of children and youth with disabilities are empowered, encouraged and supported to improve their current lifestyle, parenting skills, self worth and home circumstances.  By partnering with the caregivers of children and youth with disabilities for life, we would like to enable them to stay focused and motivated on their dreams while providing optimal care and opportunities to their children.  We would also like to guide them in advocating and lobbying for their children and other persons with disabilities in their communities and break the stigma surrounding disability and related issues.

Partners for Life.Comm

The need for programs to attend to the needs of persons with disabilities living in their communities with their families, especially after discharge from hospital or crisis intervention, will be an ongoing need, especially with a lack of resources and infrastructure in our poverty -stricken communities.  This group of people and their families need to be supported, empowered and their skills need to be developed in order for them to become as independent and mainstreamed into society as efficiently as possible.  They often have very few or no support systems to help them in making the correct choices in terms of health, rehabilitation, social values and integration into their respective communities in general.

Through the Partners for Life.comm program, whish is based on the concept of Family Preservations, we aim to empower Breede Valley APD volunteers and beneficiaries to provide managed support and services to persons and families with disabilities within their families and communities on a long and / or short term basis, enabling persons and families with disabilities to reach an independent and optimal lifestyle.

Partners for Life Adult Care Centre

There is an overwhelming need for accessible and specialized care services for young adults with profound intellectual disability.  Persons with profound intellectual disability require 24 hour support and care.  They depend on others for all aspects of their daily lives and have extremely limited communication abilities.  Frequently, people in this category also have other physical limitations.  In many cases the care of persons with profound intellectual disability at home leads to caregiver burnout and serious neglect of persons with profound intellectual disability.

Through the implementation of stricter guidelines and policies according to the Mental Health Care Act, persons with profound intellectual disability of 18 years and older are no longer able to access Special Care Centers as subsidized by the Department of Social Development and the Department of Health and need to be accommodated at home and/or in alternative care facilities.  Through the implementation of Partners for Life Adult Care Centre for young adults with profound intellectual disability, we strive to provide opportunity for specialized care and development, but also to prevent caregiver burnout and the neglect of this vulnerable group of people.


Come and Become a Volunteer Today

We need volunteers in our communities of Touwsriver, Hex Valley (De Doorns), Zwelethemba, Roodewal, Riverview, Avianpark, Worcester and Breedekloof (Rawsonville) to be our eyes and ears.  You will strengthen our social workers in their plight to ensure equity for all persons with disabilities.